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Let's create a custom bracelet for you with some of my beautiful semi-precious stones, glass and accents.

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Accents for every day


People often ask me what made me start making bracelets. Let me begin by saying that I am a mother of 3 and losing a child is something I cannot even fathom.  Here's the reason I started making glass bracelets...  Back in 2005 I had a cousin die from cancer at 15 years old. When I went to her funeral, I was surprised to see a huge bowl of glass beads. They were all different sizes, colors and shapes. There was a long list beside it to tell you what each one meant. As a kid going through treatment, they are given glass beads to signify all of the steps of their heroic journey to fight cancer. Sadly at the end of their fight, we are left with memories and glass beads to show how brave they were and all the things they had to go through.  in this bowl there were a lot of huge glass hearts. It broke my heart to read that these had meant she had had a very bad day. 

After the funeral, a few days went by and I went to Michaels and bought a pile of mixed glass beads.  I strung about 250 bracelets. They were randomly strung (as our lives are all random) I gave these away to many friends and family and strangers. Anyone who tried to give me money was asked to simply donate to a children's foundation.  Years later, I was surprised to find a large majority of those people wore their bracelets everyday. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are still wearing them.  That's a pretty good track record for an elastic cord bracelet!

I continued to make glass bracelets for years and then I discovered semi-precious stones. I have always loved crystals and their energies and I was thrilled to know I could buy these beads and make even more beautiful bracelets. After many people asking me about them, I decided I would sell them. The best part for me is sitting with someone or even going onto messenger and step by step creating a beautiful bracelet that has meaning and individuality for that person. People find comfort in telling me their story. Its so personal. When you lose a loved one or life changes something and there is a significance to what we build together, that is special to me. 

Everyone has a story, everyone has a reason for what they feel and what they want. 

It makes my heart smile when I know a small collection of beautiful beads can bring happiness. 

They are addictive. They go with everything and when we customise one for you, it is named after you and that is how it is ordered. 

We are all so busy with our lives, we sometimes forget the struggles of others.  We all struggle in different ways and we all want to succeed and be happy and loved.  We are all unicorns in our own right!  I love having the opportunity to create beauty for people and I do guarantee them. If they break by normal wear and tear, I will restring it.  Life is what we make it. I want to make it pretty! 

Customized for you


Do you find bracelets that don't fit right? Too big or too small? Not the colours you would have chosen? Are you looking for a unique accent to your outfit that you can wear every day? Let me make one for you! 

Pick Up OR Ship


Shopping for a gift for someone special? Want matching bracelets with your bff or your spouse or child?  

Shipping anywhere is available if local pick up cannot be arranged

Bracelet Workshops

Have a Workshop party with your friends!

Businesses and groups of friends alike, enjoy bracelet workshops. It's easy, fun and there's no shipping!! Your bracelet will be free as the host. Everyone picks the beads they would like to use from my ever growing collection, you design it and string it (with any needed direction) and leave with a beautiful creation that you will want to wear everyday!

Pre-registered means as the host you know what to expect

When your friends pre-register, they simply e-transfer me their payment of $30 (for one) or $55 for 2 bracelets at the party!  Just like a painting party, as a guest, you know what you've spent pre-party!

Pre-made available

Stuck on what to buy for someone who always buys what they want? Nothing is as unique as a semi-precious stone bracelet that holds essential oils! I will have a selection of pre-made bracelets with me that you can purchase on the spot .


Want something unique to You?

Let's string you up some lovely arm candy that fits your style.

Then I will name  it after you and if anyone loves it and wants to order one, they ask for it by name!

As a party host, you will get your bracelet for free. This also happens if you send me 7 people who want to place an order (like an online party) so even if you're in another province or country, you can be a hostess!


If you have any questions, you can email me or message me through my Facebook page Bracelets by Bex. 

I would LOVE to answer your questions and I appreciate your feedback! If I don't know, I don't grow.


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 We can arrange a quick consultation over messenger to choose beads and spacers that work for you! 

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